We’re still here!

Hello users!

It has been nearly 2 years since the last post. We’re still up and running strong, and don’t plan on going anywhere (we haven’t abandoned the project). The site is looking a bit dated now, but we feel that sometimes that classic feel is a good thing 🙂

We’ve been operating since May 2015, that’s over 8 years of continuous operation! Wow, we’re sure feeling pretty old now…

While there hasn’t been many new features on XMPP.is, it sort of just runs itself for the most part (of course we patch for security updates regularly).

Over those 8 years, we’ve also been working on side projects that also protect internet user privacy. We operate an organization called unredacted.org if you weren’t aware. We have several projects under our belt that we require monetary support for. If you want to show us some love, we’d greatly appreciate and thank you for any donation you’re able to make. Interested? You can donate to us here: unredacted.org/donate

Thank you for your continued support over the years!